The need to secure the workplace has never been greater. Controlling access to your facility is your primary line of defense in establishing a comprehensive facility security plan. Lost, stolen or copied keys can also pose an additional risk to your facility's security. Having doors repeatedly keyed can be costly, and does not provide tangible record keeping like access control. All access and attempted access to all monitored doors is logged, and can be referenced at a later time.
  KST has partnered with Honeywell to provide a comprehensive access control solution, as well as facilitating organizational cost reductions. Managed access control provides increased operational efficiencies by allowing KST professionals to remotely manage your access control database on our state of the art, redundant, encrypted, and dedicated servers. By allowing KST to manage your database, you are reducing your liability, as well as alleviating unnecessary operating costs such as:
  KST, offers consulting, risk assessment, system design, engineering, installation, inspection, and maintenance services for access control, video surveillance, intercom, and network security solutions. Providing products and services throughout the greater Indianapolis area, as well as across Indiana, Ohio, and the Southeast. KST clients include Fortune 100 companies as well as major players in the financial, educational, healthcare and commercial industries.

Prevent Unauthorized Entry
Allow Individule Access on Any Dates
Automated Door and Card Reports
Instantly Disable Lost or Stolen Cards
Limit Access to Secure Areas
Employee Attendance Reports

IT Rooms
Vehicle Gates
Cash Rooms
Medical Record Storage
  Secure Deliveries
Inventory, Cash and Secure Area Control
Easy Card Management
  Manage Multiple Sites from One Interface
Eliminate On-Site IT Costs
Reduced Energy Consumption
  Automatic Door Timers
Special Event and Group Access
Custom Card Schedules
  Automatic Door Timers
Special Event and Group Access
Custom Card Schedules